Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Rules

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and, given my recent absence, a happy November, in general.

I love almost everything about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't love the crowds in stores and I don't love the heavy commercialization of Christmas that has pretty much stomped out all that Thanksgiving stands for, but I'm a fan of everything else.

Weirdly, I have a lot of rules for myself when it comes to Christmas and the holidays. 

1.  I always adopt two Angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  And I always adopt one boy and one girl.  And I always get them the toy of their  choice and a couple outfits.  Sorry kids who want bikes and video games, someone else will have to pick you.  I just can't afford it.  But Barbies and Cars?  I'm all over that!

2.  The only Christmas shopping I allow myself to do before Thanksgiving is Angel Tree shopping.  Why?  Because I refuse to deal with toy aisles when I get too much closer to Christmas.  Also, the deadline for having gifts purchased, wrapped and back at the tree is December 11, which doesn't give me a lot of time after Thanksgiving to get it all done.

3.  I love peppermint mochas, but I cannot allow myself to order one before Thanksgiving.  It feels too much like I'm cheating on pumpkin spice lattes.  I expressed to Paul the other night how much I wanted a peppermint mocha and how bummed I was that I couldn't have one.  He didn't quite understand my plight.

4.  I love gravy on dressing, preferably when combined with mashed potatoes and turkey.  But the ONLY time of the year when I can eat this is Thanksgiving.  Otherwise it just tastes wrong, delicious, but wrong. 

5.  Christmas music must not purposefully be played until after Thanksgiving.  Though I'm not going to lie, I cheated on this one this year.  I caved to the pressure of every store I've walked into since Halloween and listened to some Christmas tunes a few days before Thanksgiving.  But I didn't enjoy it as much because it's just wrong.

6.  Christmas decorations do NOT go up until the month of December.  I don't care if the mall was decorated a week after Halloween.  I don't care if Thanksgiving is over, so now I'm "allowed" to do it.  I will decorate in December, like the good lord intended.

Do you have any weird rules that you can't let yourself break?  And what's your favorite seasonal coffee?

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Angel Tree- Roanoke got me hooked on that! This year, I did one child and an adult in a local nursing home.