Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY: Repurposed Pickle Jars

I've got a lot of projects planned and a lot of supplies laying aroun my house, and, unfortunately, I've been procrastinating like a pro in getting started on any of them.  But thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I've had the last two days off, so somewhere amid the laying in bed and watching movies, and making grilled cheese sandwiches, I finally got around to finishing one project, albeit a simple one, but a completed project nontheless.  I got the idea from Pinterest, obiously, and was inspired by two different projects, both using pickle jars.  One from The Ivy Cottage Blog and the other from Creative Confetti.  I'm also participating in theFall Pinterest Challenge.  For more fun projects go to Young House Love,  Bower Power, Our Fifth House, and Ugly Duckling House.
Repurposed Pickle Jar

What You'll Need

Spray paint -- one color or two, your choice. You may also want some white spray paint or primer.
Pickle Jar.  I soaked mine in hot water and dish detergent for about 10 minutes and the label slipped right off.  Then I ran it through the dishwasher so that it didn't smell like pickles anymore.
Drawer Knob
Adhesive--I use epoxy, but you can use super glue or hot glue too.
Optional: Candlestick holder

What You'll Do

1. Go to a well-ventilated area to paint the lid and the drawer knob.  At first I went without white or primer, but the dark color was showing through the red.  So I sprayed the knob white and then used the red again and it was perfect. I also painted the candlestick holder because originally I had intended to use it as a pedestal, but then I changed my mind.

2.  Bring your pieces inside and, using your glue, attach the drawer knob to the lid.  The good thing about pickle jar is that they have the pop lid, so it's easy to eyeball the center.  If you're going to use the candlestick holder, attach it at this point as well.

 3. Fill that sucker up and throw it on a shelf!  Mine is holding buttons because I'm obsessed with the idea of a button jar.
There are tons of possibilities for this project.  At first mine was going to be a candy jar, but the different colors was more distracting than I wanted, so it's a button jar.  I see myself making a ton more for glue sticks and googly eyes and maybe even non-crafting odds and ends.  And I may make some for Christmas gifts by spraying the lid, knob, and candlestick the same color (probably a bronze) and filling it with candy.


  1. Love those! That's so cute! I need to get into crafting - I even have ones I want to start but these are great!

    1. Thanks! For something so easy, I'm pretty obsessed with it.

  2. I love this idea, but I've never found a way to clean the lid of a pickle jar so it doesn't smell all "pickley". Tips please? I've used bleach, baking soda,and various other cleaners to no avail. The lids STILL smell like pickles.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I just ran it through the dishwasher on the top rack and that took care of the smell.