Friday, March 23, 2012

Current Obsessions

The New Girl
I have a new favorite TV show and, surprise, surprise, it's not a reality show!  I love "The New Girl."  Read these quotes from  the latest episode where Nick spends some time in a "fancy man's" office. 
  • Jess:  "It makes me want to sit by the fire and talk about how annoying Ghandi is." 
  • Nick:  "Do you smell that?  It smells like leather, Teddy Roosevelt, and Wistfulness."
  • Nick to a wooden duck:  "I want to kill you because I respect you."
           Nick to Jess:  "I think I understand hunting!"
  • Nick:  "I just came in here and it smell like Shakespeare...if Shakespeare were  damn cowboy. And hawksnests, and boat fuel, and cigars, and bourbon, and man stuff."
  • Nick:  "He smells like strong coffee and going to see a man about a horse!"
The Hunger Games
I've been obsessed with the books since I read all three in five days right after Christmas and last night I saw the movie at the midnight release.  I've read some reviews critiquing it for various things, including that the character's relationships weren't developed enough because it was too fast paced and that Jennifer Lawrence didn't have any on-screen chemistry with the rest of the cast.  To those people I say that the movie was fast-paced because the book is fast paced and Jennifer doesn't have on screen chemistry with the cast because Katniss doesn't know how to relate to people.  She played the part just right, as did everyone else, and it's quite honestly the best book-to-movie adaptation I've seen in a long time, possibly ever. 


Yep, rice.  I've been really into the idea of rice lately--chinese food, japanese food, mexican food, you name it.  I haven't been terribly pleased with my own rice dish execution, but any takeout involving rice is my friend.

My New Watch/Rose Gold

I don't know if my obsession is with my watch or with rose gold, either way I love this watch and I love that I got a really good deal on it. 


  1. Hahah I have that watch but the rhinestones around the edge. I love it.

  2. I love rose gold especially on a watch! Good choice, girl. Good choice. :) And btw, my friend is preggo and she craved rice at the beginning...anything you want to tell us? :)

  3. I don't think I'm pregnant, but thanks for scaring me, Jess! haha