Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Safety First

You may or may not remember that Paul got me a shiny new bicycle for Christmas.  It' a cruiser bike and looks something like this, well, actually, it looks exactly like this.
He picked this one because it's the same color as my stand mixer.  He correctly, figured that would be important to me.

Unfortunately, my pretty bicycle sat in the dining room until this past weekend.  I new Paul didn't think I liked it so I decided that it was time to get out an ride it.  About a block away from the house I remembered why it was that I hadn't ridden my bike yet.  I don't have a helmet.  I was feeling a little wobbly, since I hadn't ridden a bike since I was about 12, and decided that rather than wiping out and having a car come along and squish my head like a grape (my biggest, most irrational fear...we'll talk later), I'd head home. 

I began my search for a helmet thinking that it wouldn't be hard to find something both fun and functional, but I was wrong.  Everything I found looked very aerodynamic and like it belonged on Lance Armstrong, not on a girl out for a casual pedal around the neighborhood.  But then I found Yakkay.  The company is based in England and make helmets and helmet covers that are SO. SUPER. CUTE!!  they don't look like helmets.  They look like hats with chin straps.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Those would be excellent for a casual pedal around the block, AMIRIGHT?!  Unfortunately, they come at quite a price.  I found a company in Chicago that sells them stateside, but they're $124.  And as cute as they are, I just can't justify spending that much on something I'm only going to use every now and then.  And I can only imagine the look on Paul's face if I were to tell him that I have to spend $125 for something that I could pick up, albeit in a much less cute form, at Target. 

Do you know where I can get a cute bicycle helmet without breaking the bank?  How confident are you in my ability to figure out a way to make my own super-cute helmet cover?