Monday, November 5, 2012

Grownups Have Dining Room Tables

Growing up, there were a  few things that I felt all adults had in common.  Adults have matching plates.  Adults hae junk drawers that, at any given time, have scissors, matches, a black marker, and several different sizes of batteries.  And adults?  Adults have dining room tables.  This weekend Paul and I took one step closer to becoming adults.  We finally bought a dining room table.  For the past two years we have been using a small table that barely seats four, and forget about there being food on that table if four people are sitting at it. 

Paul is the manager-in-training at a furniture store and this weekend they were having a pretty big sale.  We picked up this beauty for an amazing price.

Paul brought it home that day and we ate at the table the next night to celebrate.  And we probably won't eat there again until there are other people here with us. 

After picking out the table I headed home to Wytheville.  My brother was playing in an alumni football game and I wasn't about to pass up an oppurtunity to sit in the cold and watch my brother play football like it was 2001.  Our team lost, but it was fun to see my brother in uniform again and I got to spend time with my parents and friends, which is always nice. Here's a few shots from the night thanks to Instagram. 

That last picture might be a little blurr, but I kind of love it.  Follow along with more Instagram fun. My name is tristayopp.


  1. I love that table! I can't wait until we have a house big enough for a legit table like that.

    Also I love that Rick's girl is decked out in some Carhart and camo gloves. Makes me miss Wise County so very much. People in this part of the VA just don't appreciate things like that the way they should! :)

    1. My cousin said to her, "I see you borrowed Ric's Carhart gear" and she responded, "pssh, this is mine."