Saturday, November 24, 2012

12 Crafts of Christmas: Inside Out Glitter Ornaments

So it looks like I've really dropped the ball on this 12 Crafts of Christmas thing. I had the best of intentions, but then school and work and life in general got in the way and I realized that I hadn't blogged or even crafted or baked as much as I should have.  Here we are a month away from Christmas and we're only on craft number 2.  But for craft number 2, I have an exciting one in mind for you. I love glitter, but I hate that it gets EVERYWHERE.  The other day I bought a new glittered treetopper.  By the time I got home, every other thing I bought, and my shirt, were also covered in glitter.  Now I said I love glitter, but I don't love it so much that I want it in my hair.  So that's why last year I made these Inside Out Glitter Ornaments from Greenbean's Crafterole that I found on Pinterest.  The glitter is on the inside so there's no mess.  This year I had the brilliant idea to make them with sprinkles instead, because how cute would that be?  But intea I ended up with this

They got all melty and gross and the entire ball took on a grey-pink appearance. So I scrapped that idea, broke out the glitter, and returned to the original plan. So, without further ado...
Inside Out Glitter Ornaments

What You'll Need

Clear ball ornaments. Never pay full price.  Download the Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics app or sign up for email coupons.  There's no reason to ever pay full price for anything crafty.
Glitter.  I prefer Martha Stewart. It's super-fine and I think that makes for a more finished look.
Floor Wax
Shot glass
Coffee Filter.  You're going to use this to dispose of excess glitter.  When you're done you can crumple it up and throw it away.  Much more convenient than using a plate or a bowl.
What You'll Do
1.  Remove the caps from one ball. 
2.  Squirt a small amount of wax into the ball and then roll it around so that the wax covers every bit of the ball. Roll, don't shake. If you shake you'll get air bubbles that are hard to get rid of.
3.  Turn the ball upside down onto the shotglass to drain away the excess wax.  
4.  Let the wax drain for about 3 minutes.  Then turn it upside down and place the funnel in the top.

5.  Add glitter  to the top of the funnel, remove the funnel, cover the hole with your thumb, and then shake, shake, shake until every inch is covered in glitter.
6.  Pour the rest of the glitter into the coffee filter. 
6.  Replace the cap of the ball immediately and set aside. 
7.  Repeat for all your remaining ornaments.

These are gorgeous on the tree and would be great to make for yourself or to give as gifts...or both!  Ornaments are one of my go-to Christmas gifts.  Since the ornaments come in a package it's easy to give a set, or you can put some tissue paper in a chinese  carryout gift box and add one to make them go further if you have to give gifts to a group.  I think this would be ideal for students or coworkers.  Plus, this is a really fast project so you can make a whole lot in a short amount of time.


  1. If I didn't have a glitter phobia, I'd be making these -- They're fantastic!

    1. A glitter phobia sounds terrible! Is it the texture? Its ability to get everywhere?

  2. Trista those are gorgeous! I wish I had room for a Christmas tree to put ornaments on! Though my mom would really enjoy these. haha

    1. I've got a couple extra that could be hand-delivered to your cubicle. Just say the word :)

  3. Love these!!! You can do so much with those clear ornaments.