Monday, September 19, 2011

Congratulations Zach and Jess

This weekend my and Paul's friends Zach and Jess, from justrainbowsandbutterflys, got married and we were lucky enough to celebrate with them. 
Zach and Jess have a beautiful love story and it was amazing to look back over the past two years and reflect on everything they have been through together during that time. 

Friday night was their rehearsal dinner at the O. Winston Link Museum in downtown Roanoke. Thanks to having immersed myself in the world of weddings a year ago, I'd heard of people doing events in museums. I am now a huge believer in non-traditional venues.  After dinner the museum was open so that everyone could roam around and look at the exhibits.   Paul and I even thought to take a minute to take a picture.

First Paul looked like he was about to throw his drink on his friend Daniel, who was taking the picture for us.

Then he looked a little more civilized.

Just between you and me, the first picture is my favorite.

Saturday was Zach and Jess's wedding day and I'm serious when I say that everything from the ceremony to the bride to the speeches to the first dance to the venue was just beautiful. 

One of the many things I loved about the reception (including the shrimp and pimento cheese on a fried green tomato.  Oh. My God.) was the signature cocktail, the Brenborne.  It was served in a mason jar and perfect for the farm setting.

Congratulations Zach and Jess, and thank you for allowing us to be part of such an amazing day!

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