Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Girl Rant

I'm not small.  And I haven't been since I was about 4.  I didn't like shopping in the Juniors section of the store when I was a little girl and I didn't like shopping in the Women's section when I was a "Junior."  Over the years I came to terms with the fact that I was not meant to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister.  And I was perfectly okay with that.  Much to my mother's chagrine, I was also not meant to shop at Lane Bryant.  Do you realize how humiliating it is to shop at Lane Bryant when you're 15?  I hope not. 

I do the bulk of my shopping at Old Navy and Target because they carry my size and I like their clothing.  I also really like the clothing at The Limited and Ann Taylor Loft, but, with the exception of a couple sweaters that I've found over the years, their clothing either doesn't come in my size or my size  is only available online.  I can't buy clothes without trying them on because I never know how certain brands or items will fit on my body.  I think it comes with the territory of being plus size.   Some people think that Lane Bryant is a plus size substitute for those stores, but it's definitely not.   Not at 15 and not at 25. 

A few months ago I found out that The Limited had plans to expand to accomodate plus size ladies.  I was ecstatic!  I assumed that they would expand their current sizes and that I could treat myself every now and then or destroy their clearance section.  But what they are actually doing is creating a new line called eloquii.  They haven't released the line yet, but I can only assume that the items that are available at The Limited will not be available in the eloquii line. This is what the website says,

"eloquii celebrates your love of fashion with styles that look fabulous and fit your curves. This is women's clothing, designed for you and inspired by you.  Our online store will feature a range of fashion apparel and accessories for plus-size women such as dresses, suits, outerwear, pants, tops, shirts and accessories." 

I really can't stand that.  It's like they're saying that plus size women are the only women who have curves on their body.  And "women's clothing, designed for you and inspired by you?"  It's like saying that the only thing that makes me, me, is the fact that I'm plus size, fat, chubby, zaftig, obese...whatever.  I'm calling bullshit on eloquii.  eloquii was not created so we poor, fashion-deprived, fat ladies would have more selection when it comes to shopping for over priced business-casual-wear.  eloquii was created so that The Limited could make money off of us without actually allowing us to wear their brand. And notice how it said that those items would be available in their online store?  Great, now we dont even have to clutter up their stores with our big butts, thunder thighs and sausage arms! 

Poor form, The Limited, poor form.

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