Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nananananananananananananananana Bat Wreath!

I finally tackled the Halloween yarn wreath that I posted about a few weeks ago. 

I was home sick yesterday because my throat felt about the size of a tennis ball and, after reading for class, moving picture frames around and clipping coupons, I started wrapping yarn like no body's business.  Here's what I came up with.

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a huge fan of the wreath form I used this time.  Michael's was out of the kind that I used for my argyle wreath and this one was a little more rough. It was more difficult to correct spacing issues with this type so up close, the final product doesn't look as finished as I'd have liked.  Overall I'm happy though.

Bat Yarn Wreath

What You Need

Wreath Form
Gray Yarn
Yellow Felt
Black Felt
Bat Jack-o-Lantern Stencil
Googley Eyes
Hot Glue Gun
Grosgrain Ribbon

What You Do

1.  Tie the string around the wreath and then wrap it around the wreath until it is completely covered.  It's going to take a while. Tie the end of the yarn to the leftover string from the knot you tied when you started.
2.  Cut a circle out of the yellow felt to make a moon.  I used the lid of an oatmeal canister as a stencil.
3.  Using the Jack-o-Lantern stencil as a model, cut the bat out of the black felt.  I traced the bat from the computer onto a piece of notebook paper and then laid the paper on the felt.  Then I cut out the paper bat and felt bat at the same time.
4.  Glue googley eyes on the bat.
5.  Glue the moon onto the back of the wreath, just to the left of center.
6.  Glue the bat onto the bottom of the wreath, to the right of center.
7.  Loop a ribbon around the wreath and glue the ends together.  I glued the top of one end to the bottom of the other so it was flat.

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