Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things I Don't Like

1.  Adele's Music.
I don't have anything against Adele as a person, but I really can't stand her music.  It puts me to sleep, it's depressing, and it makes me change the radio every. single. time. she comes on.  Her lyrics may be okay, but I can't deal with the music behind it long enough to listen to the lyrics.  And I don't feel compelled to look them up.  And when other people quote them on Facebook all the freaking time, I'm not inspired or moved at all.  I understand that you probably love her, and that's fine, but I do not.  And I'm not going to. 

2.  People Who Back Into Parking Spaces
Okay, in general, it's not so bad.  I get that it's worth it to them to spend more time backing into a space than it would take to back out.  That's fine.  But it's not fine when they're doing it at 6:58 in the morning in the parking garage and holding up everyone behind them.  That's rude.  I make the effort to get up and leave my house in time to get to work on time.  And then I'm thwarted by you and your massive SUV that you can barely control.  You're making me late for work and I don't appreciate it.

3.  Inconsiderate Drive-Thru Users
You know how some fast food places have the double drive-thru, where you order at two different speakers but you have to merge into one line to actually pay and get your food?  Well I'm a believer in taking turns and not skipping in line.  I payed attention in preschool like that.  So when I place my order and then 30 seconds later you pull into the neighboring speaker and place your order, it would only make sense for me to pay and get my food first, right?  Apparently not.  The other day the food and payment windows got backed up so the speakers got backed up.  I placed my order and 30 seconds later some woman pulls up beside me.  When the payment and food windows finally cleared up, she sped in front of me.  She knew I was there first.  That was rude, ma'am! 

4.  Amaretto
It's gross.  A friend of mine who was also a waiter used to be convinced that I loved Amaretto sours.  So no matter what I would actually order, he would always bring me an Amaretto sour.  Gross.  Gross.

5.  I Can't Put My Hair in a Proper Ponytail Right Now
I love my hair when it's down, but sometimes you just want to throw your hair up and not deal with it.  But I can't do that without clips or a headband.  It makes gym time a little inconvenient.

6.  Pears
What's with that grainy texture? 

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