Friday, October 7, 2011

Flavor of the Week: Cookies and Cream Chex

I've stumbled upon the world's most glorious snack, y'all!  This morning a coworker was telling me that she saw Cookies and Cream Chex Mix at Sheetz and that she wanted to go try it.  I had never heard of it and googled it.  What I found was the following description:  "Delicious sweet coated corn chex with real chocolate cookie crumbs."  So I obviously agreed to take a trip with her to Sheetz where we picked it up to try for ourselves. 

It was amazing!  It tasted just like people puppy chow but was crunchier, I suppose because of the little oreo pieces that are scattered around in there.  I suggest you pick up a bag for yourself as soon as humanly possible.

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