Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

When Paul and I got married I married really simple table center pieces out of wide mouth mason jars and fresh cut flowers.  Not only was it an inexpensive, cute way to decorate at the time, but I ended up with 12 mason jars to do with what I want.  When I first joined pinterest I pinned a mason jar soap dispenser and kind of forgot about it, but since I had A LOT to do today and aimed to procrastinate as much as possible, I decided that today was the day I would make my own mason jar soap dispenser. 

When I put the drill together, for some reason I couldn't get it to work.  But as I was trying to coordinate all the parts of the drill, Paul walked in and saved the day!  And that's for the best, because according to Paul, if I'd have tried to use the bit that I put into the drill I would have destroyed it. 

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

What You'll Need

Mason jar with lid and ring
Drill with the proper bits
Flathead screwdriver
Soap bottle pump

What You'll Do

1.  Using the drill make a hole in the center of the lid.

2.  Using the hammer and screwdriver, hammer at the sides of the hole until it's big enough for your pump to fit.  We drilled and hammered with the lid on the jar.

3.  Put the pump in the hole.  I thought I would need to use epoxy to secure the pump to the lid, but it was a pretty snug fit.

4.  Fill your jar with soap and then put the lid back on.

How did I forget to take an up close picture of the finished product and not realize it until just now?  Oh well, you get the idea.

Some tutorial suggest that you put scrapbook paper or fabric on the lid so that it's prettier, but I think some of the charm of this project is how it still looks like a mason jar when all is said and done.

I used a quart size jar.  At first I tried to take the pump out of the dial soap that was already on the counter, but it was too short.   Then I remembered that I had a bottle of soap from Bath and Body Works that I hadn't used yet.  Since it was taller than the Dial, it was the perfect length for the jar. 

I'm planning on making another one for the kitchen because I really love how this one turned out.

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